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Each business is different, this is the same with accounting software. We believe that using the right accounting software and introducing an automated process of data, brings the effectiveness to your business and reduce processing costs.
We employ the following online accounting software

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Online cloud accounting software packages give you easy and secure access to maintaining your accounting records, saving your time and leading you to organise your paperwork effectively. With online accounting software you can authorise access for your accountant to view your accounting records live meaning getting regular support and updates from your accountant. Online accounting software allows direct feed from your bank with regular download of your transactions.
Having cloud accounting software means having 24/7 access to your accounting records from anywhere and from any device.qualified accountant with over 20 years of experience.

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Online accounting software, introduction and training
Our advice and support of online accounting software package is tailored to your business. One to one training is provided for start ups as well as established businesses. We train you how to apply accounting records keeping skills in your chosen accounting software at your convenience on your premises. Coaching is provided by ACCA

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Data Processing
We are one of few practises which do not outsource accountinacy service meaning all client’s data is processed in house. Knowing your accounting records inside out means knowing your business and giving you the best support and advice. This allows us to process your accounting records effectively and delivering required services with accuracy and functionality.

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IRIS OpenSpace Secure Portal
The high level of security of our client’s data is our top priority. IRIS OpenSpace online portal enables to exchange and transfer confidential information and documents in both directions with high level of security. Clients can access their OpenSpace account anytime with an opportunity to view and download published documents to their device and to approve the reports electronically.

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